Jeff Bezos (Obviously)

Well, not Exactly

I admit it seems like a click bait title but, if you are a regular reader of this Blog or if you are a follower of the FIRE ‘movement’ then it comes as no surprise.

FIRE — stands for Financial Independence, Retire Early. I have written extensively about what FIRE…

Spoiler Alert: This article contains my thoughts on the book which gives out spoilers. I loved the book and highly recommend reading it. (non-affiliated link)

Klara is an AF

The Novel is set in the future and has a lot of scientific elements. …

Zen State — Photo by Colton Sturgeon on Unsplash

Disclaimer — the most important disclaimer is the fact that I am not Enlightenment by any definition and neither am I anywhere along the path striving for it. If anything I might be moving away from Enlightenment in the pursuit of Financial Independence. …

Diderot Effect takes its name from Denis Diderot an 18th Century French Philosopher. To be more specific, the idea originates from the essay titled ‘Regrets on parting with my Old Dressing Gown’.

Diderot in his Red Gown — Dmitry Levitzky, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons

In his essay Diderot talks about how an unexpected gift of an expensive dressing gown caused him financial…

[This article was first published on my blog on Personal Finance]

Although I mostly write about Finance on this website, I feel this is one ‘apparent’ exception, where I write about Human Behavioral Psychology. I call this exception ‘apparent’ because I believe every long-term personal project depends a lot…

Spoiler Alert! — The rest of this article has spoilers. I would highly recommend watching the movie before reading on.

Aamis, literally translates to Meat in Assamese. Aamis is the title of an Assamese movie written and directed by Bhaskar Hazarika.

Innocent Beginnings

Nirmali is a doctor and a lonely wife and…

There’s no sensation compared to this…..

-Pink Floyd

An A-380 — A marvelous piece of engineering and beauty!

First time is the Best time

Unlike most people perhaps, I can very distinctly remember my first time. I was Twenty-two years old. Not too young, not too old. I was nervous but also tremendously excited. …

This is the way!

I am 40 years old and have two young kids both under five years of age. I travelled and did a lot of soul searching in my 20s , trying to find the right career blah blah.

Other than 200,000$s in my home equity I have no significant savings. …

A painting of Menshiki? Photo by fran hogan on Unsplash

Major Spoilers Ahead

This is a sketch of the character called Wataru Menshiki who appears in the Haruki Murakami’s Novel Killing Commendatore.

I highly recommend reading the Novel, it is surely one of my all time favourites and I have read and continue to re-read it multiple times.

A note on time —…

The recent few weeks have been devastating for investors all over the world. Even the Major indices like the Dow and S&P 500 have lost well over 10% from their peaks. Individual stocks, especially in tourism and transport have almost halved in price. It seems like we are close to…

Laks Vajjhala

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